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To Pay or Not to Pay for Facebook Reach?

With Facebook making Page owner's life more and more difficult we wondered if brands had reacted and compensated for loss in reach by increasing their media spent. We decided to dig into our data and analyzed a sample of 20K Facebook pages from all around the world and any category. We came up with a few answers for you: How frequent is it to boost a Facebook post with media budget? Are there differences based on type and sizes of Pages? What's your competitors' behavior ?

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Should you repeat your tweets? Facts and figures from 1M tweets

It is mainstream that to share a news on Twitter one should repeat it a few times, for the simple reason that your followers aren't up online on twitter all day and that they are likely to miss your great news. At Wisemetrics we like to look a statistics from lots of data points, and since we have our hand on around 1B tweets, we thought we could get some concrete numbers about if one should repeat tweets.

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