How To Change The Name Of Your Facebook Page… Even If It Has More Than 100 Fans

Stephane Allard
Co-founder & CEO at Wisemetrics - Stephane is a serial entrepreneur who has been launching internet-related companies since 2001, after a fruitful experience at IBM as web marketing manager. His latest venture was a pioneering social media agency, sold in 2006, which advised Fortune 100 companies.

You have misspelled the name of your page, or your business name has changed and you want to change the name of your page?

Follow these steps.

Your page has less than 100 fans

Changing the name is pretty easy.

To edit your Page name :

  1. Go to your Page and click Edit Page in the upper-right corner
  2. Select Basic Information from the menu at left
  3. Change the text in the Name field and save your edits

For Pages with the new timeline design :

  1. Open your Page’s admin panel
  2. Click Manage 
  3. Select Edit Page
  4. Select Basic Information from the left sidebar
  5. Change the text in the Name field and save your edits


Your page has more than 100 fans

Changing your Facebook Page’s name is getting a lot more tougher. If we consider Facebook’s Help Center literature,  you can’t.

“To change the name of a Page with 100 or more likes, you’ll need to delete your Page and recreate it. The Facebook team isn’t able to change Page names for you.”

Can’t they ?

Well, here’s a link that gives you more information about the change on your Facebook Page.

Readers, did you try to change your page name in the past ? Did you succeed ? How did you do it ?


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  1. Paul-Henri -

    Really useful. Thanks for sharing this quick advice.

  2. Daniel Foster -

    Great tip!

    Our product name changed a couple of years ago (from SnagIt to Snagit) and we were left with an uppercase “i” in our Facebook brand page, with no way to change it! Irksome!

    I used the link you provided and reported it as a “typo.” Facebook changed it within 48 hours. Thank you!

    • Steve -

      Thanks for the feedback Daniel! Happy it worked for you.
      Sidenote : I’m loving Snagit for Mac! Any idea when the browser scrolling window capture will work using Chrome?

  3. Karen -

    Thanks for the link, Facebook changed our company name is less than 12 hours. I did have to submit a utility bill, and I also sent a copy of a new business card. We changed our name to the domain we had been using since 2006, to make things less confusing.

    • Steve -

      Glad it worked for you too Karen! Thanks for the update.

  4. Even though changing the name of a Page is against the Facebook terms, I've seen it happen recently to large Pages. How might I make this happen? – Quora -

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  5. arsenbeatz -

    The link is dead. Is there a new link for this?

  6. Steve -

    Facebook added a link a few days ago in your page’s admin panel (“Basic information”) but they removed it by now.

  7. Jonathan -

    Is there any news on this? All buttons and links are gone? Has anything new showed up? Wil it?

    • Steve -

      Nothing new Jonathan unfortunately. We’ll keep you updated.

  8. ceyhun -

    is this possible now? my page has 100+ likes and no link on basic information to request a name change. could you find a workaround?

    • Steve -

      I’m sorry, I have no positive news on this front.

  9. Kai Chew -

    No way to contact Facebook? I need to change my facebook page ( ) name from “” to “KloudStat”. Hope to solve this soon…

  10. Jr. -

    I really need to change my artist name! I am a new artist but I’ve decided to change it after a year of development. facebook really needs to fix this!