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Co-founder & Chief Scientist at Wisemetrics : with a background in mathematics & statistics, Benjamin has been crunching data and developing statistical algorithms for 15 years, mostly for e-marketing optimization (Principal Research engineer at Yahoo! labs, and now Wisemetrics)

Have you ever wondered if your fans & followers are engaging more with contents from others?

Wise Score : comparing you to your eyeball competitors

When posting on Facebook or Twitter, you’re in a battle for fan’s eyeballs, thus it’s natural to compare you strictly to brands sharing these eyeballs with you.¬†For instance if your usual Facebook post gets a 1.5% engagement rate, you could wonder if your posts aren’t interesting… or maybe it’s just that you have a passive audience. Benchmarking you only with audience-look-alike brands will give you the right answer.

We defined the WiseScore for Twitter and Facebook (details below) which ranks you among your eyeball competitors.

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How do we define and use look-alike-audience

The Wise Score is based on our ability to identify look-alike audiences. This is a subject we know well since our Data Science team has put a lot of effort during the last 2 years for our content distribution solution.

Here is a bit about how it works. For a Facebook page or a Twitter account, we analyze the characteristics of its audience: demography, location, social behavior, subjects of interest, ways of writing, … From there, we designed an algorithm to aggregate all these information into a distance between accounts: through simulations and machine learning we were able to find the optimal way to aggregate these different features into a distance which measure how close 2 audiences are.

Now for your Facebook Page (or Twitter account), we can look-up the top few hundred Pages (or Twitter accounts) with shortest-distance to yours. For you and you look-alike, we compute the performance of posts (tweets) for the past 3 months and rank you among your audience-look-alike accounts.

Finally when you get a WiseScore of 87, this means your account is better than 87% of accounts targeting the same audience as you do.

What’s in the score

For Facebook we use an aggregation of 3 statistics to compare you against your competitors:

For Twitter, we use an average of:

Data we’re using

Look-alike audience we’re matching your brand with are brands for which we have precise statistics:

In other words, we might no have exactly the competitor you have in mind but we do have a large and representative variety.


Hope you’ll like it, do give it a try and leave us comments or questions below if you have any.


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