Augure acquires Wisemetrics to allow brands to maximize their impact on social networks leveraging Big Data

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Augure acquires Wisemetrics

Barely three months after announcing its third round of 15 million euro fund raising , Augure, Europe’s leading PR & Influencer Engagement software provider, today made another major announcement: the full acquisition of the French start-up Wisemetrics, creator of the popular social analytics tool Wiselytics being used by over 63% of the top 100 global brands in nearly 130 countries.

Through this acquisition, Augure will be strengthening its already robust expertise in big data and provide communication and marketing professionals tools enabling them to accurately predict and optimize the performance of their content on social networks.


Wisemetrics analyses and anticipates audience behaviour

Wisemetrics was founded in July 2012 at Neuilly-sur-Seine (France) by Stéphane Allard (formerly at IBM), Benjamin Gelis, Benjamin Lan Sun Luk and Benjamin Rey (ex research engineer at Yahoo Labs in California), with the aim of exploiting science data to enable brands to improve their performance on social networks.

The young, ambitious team quickly launched Wiselytics, a freeware analysis tool on Facebook that became an overnight success on a global scale. The solution is now being used literally by thousands of brands around the globe, including such names as Microsoft, BMW, McDonald’s or Starbucks, in 127 countries.

By analyzing data from billions of daily interactions between brands and their fans or followers, the company may develop a series of algorithms to not only accurately predict the behavior of audience behavior on social networks, but to prescribe the best engagement strategy as well. Brands wishing to post content can, for example, get recommendations on the optimum channel to use, the most advantageous combination of text and images, the ideal timing to post or the optimum number of repetitions of the message.

This cutting-edge research led the company to be awarded by the French national Ministry of Research in 2013 and being the first European startup selected to participate in the acceleration MediaCamp of WarnerBros program held in California in 2014.


Augure adquires wisemetrics

Augure & Wisemetrics: optimizing message visibility and performance

While consumers are constantly being bombarded with huge amounts of information and content, communications professionals and marketers are facing a more complex challenge every single day: to capture the attention of their audience and gain greater message visibility.

By integrating the Wisemetrics proprietary technology along with its unmatched Influencer Engagement tool, Augure will be providing its users a complete suite of tools enabling them to optimize their content reach and further strengthen their social network presence and impact. Augure customers will be able to:

The 5-member Wisemetrics team are already based in the Augure Paris offices. They are fully integrated into our R&D teams to work on and meet a whole new set of challenges.

We are excited to welcome Wisemetrics team into Augure. Their expertise and the technology they have developed will enable us to give greater meaning to billions of data we are collecting every day on the interactions among influencers, brands and their audiences. For our customers, this means a huge step forward in their mission to provide the right content to the right people at the right time“, affirms Michael Jais, Augure CEO.

We were approached by several companies, some of them from the US, but it’s Augure project which ultimately attracted us the most. Contact with the team has worked right away, and we are confident that our technologies can quickly add value to the thousands of communicating and marketing professionals who are using Augure. We are very excited to be taking part in this ambitious development project, both in Europe and across the Atlantic“, says Stéphane Allard, CEO of Wisemetrics.

 To read more on the fusion between Influencer Engagement and Big Data, have a look at this blog post and infographics on Augure website




About Augure

 Augure Influencer Engagement software helps brands to create winning word-of-mouth strategies by building successful relationships with their key influencers. Modern PR and marketing professionals use Augure to easily identify the influencers that really matter for their target audience, manage meaningful interactions and measure the resonance of their campaigns.

Augure is operating in Europe, with headquarters in Paris. More than 1.500 companies and agencies of all size are using Augure’s software every day, including Renault-Nissan, L’Oréal, Nestlé or Publicis.

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