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Myth buster: Do Facebook promoted posts cannibalize your organic reach?

On the relationship between Facebook organic posts and promoted posts Do promoted posts cannibalize organic results? Just like you would fear on Google. In other words, if you pay for search ads, will you still get as many clicks on you organic (free) results? (Google says you will) How does a promoted post impact future posts? Some suspect, for instance, that all the extra negative feedback has a really bad impact on the page. We looked at this from a data perspective. Here are the results.

Why the Engagement Rate is a Flawed Benchmark Metric

Just for a second, imagine this fictional survey question : "on a scale of 1 to 5, would you say this content pleased you, made you want to discuss it or made you share it with your friends?" Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? Even beginners in statistics know there should only be one variable per question. But this is how we're currently measuring Facebook engagement, by mixing apples and pears, by mixing (almost) unrelated engagement actions. Indeed, the Engagement Rate is usually measured this way : (Likes + Comments + Shares)/ Total Fans x100 However, this measure is flawed for several reasons and makes it especially unsuitable for benchmarking.

Why The Current Facebook Engagement Rate Calculation Is Inaccurate

As the social media analytics field is pretty new, it's really important to understand how the metrics are computed. Let's take for example, one of Facebook's core metric : the "Engagement Rate". What is supposed to be measured with the Engagement Rate ? "The Engagement Rate measures how well your Fans interact with your content". That's a common definition. What's that supposed to mean ? If you have a 0.02% Engagement Rate, it means 0.02% of your fans have engaged with your content, isn't it ? Only the formula commonly used does not measure that. Not at all.

How to get back the number of fans who have hidden you from their news feed ?

Dear friends, it's been a while. Sorry, we've been very busy building the most advanced Facebook Analytics solution in the market (well, at least, that's the opinion of my wife. You'll make up your mind by yourself very soon). Some people have been complaining of the recent removal of the "Unsubscribes" metric from Facebook' brand new Insights. That's right they're nowhere to be found. Even in the Excel extract. Don't worry, we have a solution for you. It takes a bit of time, but it's really easy. Just follow these 4 steps.

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