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If we are to believe that the metrics inside the Insights Graph Api will sooner or later appears in Facebook Insights (the tool) too, then very recent changes in the Graph API indicates that a brand new metric will be added  to Facebook Insights.

Recently, Facebook has added a post “negative feedback” metrics allowing admins to discover the posts that have been hidden or reported as spam by the users.

Now Facebook might extend this metric to the page as a whole, revealing how many of your fans have hidden all your forthcoming posts in their newsfeed.


Why this new metric does matter ?

Thanks to this metric, you will now be able to identify how many of your fans you can’t reach with your posts. If a fan hides all your posts, he remains a fan of your page but you won’t be able to reach him through the newsfeed. Only option left : buy Facebook ads.


Why it matters to Facebook ?

This metric would be a strong incentive for page admins to buy Facebook ads in order to win back their unreachable fans.

Dear reader, if your Facebook Insights tool is already reflecting this change, please leave a comment.

What’s your opinion about this new metric ? Do you want it in Insights as soon as possible ? Be heard by letting a comment below.

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