Facebook tests “Offers” : high virality and visibility coupons

Stephane Allard
Co-founder & CEO at Wisemetrics - Stephane is a serial entrepreneur who has been launching internet-related companies since 2001, after a fruitful experience at IBM as web marketing manager. His latest venture was a pioneering social media agency, sold in 2006, which advised Fortune 100 companies.

A few retailers are testing a brand new Facebook feature allowing them to create offers for their fan base… and beyond.

It seems this new feature is not a new ad unit, per se. It looks more like a new post category, in a similar vein to status, photos, links, videos or questions. But we can’t tell for sure.

Here is the coupons on Macy’s page wall. Except its specific layout, it behaves like any other post. You can like it, comment it or share it.

If you click on “Get offer”, the following notification pops up :


The offer may now appears on your friends’ news feed too.
Thanks to its layout that stands out from other news feed posts, it really gives the brand a true virality and visibility boost. Here’s how it appears :


A few seconds after you’ve clicked on “Get offer”, you’ll get this email, containing the offer :

Facebook has given no details so far on the availability of this feature to all the pages.

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