Hack tip : tag any friend or any page with the display link you wish

Stephane Allard
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[04/10/2012 Update : this trick doesn’t work completely anymore. But you can still link directly to a page by inserting “@[PAGEID:]” into your post. You can not edit the link name, as Facebook will take the page’s name as link. Thanks to our great reader, Eliot Lash, for the tip.”

Facebook has a great feature that allows you to tag a friend or a page in your posts, using, for example, the “@” character before the name.
You can shorten the name displayed but, unfortunately, you can’t edit it.

As of today, you need to say you couldn’t.


Here is a hack that will allow you to edit the link displayed when you tag

Like in the following example :


To edit your tag links, you only need to know one thing : the Facebook id of the page or person you want to tag.

To get the id of a page

It’s really easy. Just follow these steps :

1. Go to the page you wish to tag

2. Edit the beginning of the URL. Change “www” into “graph”




3. Copy/paste the id


To get the id of a friend

Do the following :

If your friend is using a Facebook short name like :


Do the same as for pages. Change “www” into “graph” to get the id.


If your friend is not using a Facebook short name, it’s even easier.


Just copy the id from the URL.


Got your page/friend Facebook id ? You’re now ready to create your tag!

Type the following text in your status box :

Replace “theID” with the ID of the page/person you want to tag and “Linkname” with the name you wish for your link.


For example, I’ve typed “Editing tag links is easy @@[0:[211704128859505:0:Want to know how to do it?]]” to get the result shown in the first screen capture of this article.


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