How To Know More About Your Competitors’ Facebook Results Thanks To Timeline

Stephane Allard
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As you probably know by now, Facebook introduced Timeline for Pages yesterday. has a great review of the key changes here.

With all the buzz around Timeline, few have noticed that Facebook has, at the same time, given public access to new data about Pages’ activity level and most active users.

To show this data, you just need to click on the Likes “box” on the top of the Timeline.

Here’s what’ll get :


Here are the public metrics available with the new Timeline :


Depending on the type of the page (Brand, Local Business or Place, Organization…) some other metrics may be displayed, namely :


A timeline entry is also displayed at the beginning of each month, summarizing the Page’s activity for this month (new likes, people talking about this and visits if applicable).

Be aware that it seems this Timeline entry will only be shown for one month (there is no similar entry for January for example), so you’ll have to come back to the Page at the beginning of every month to collect the data for the past month.

As soon as the end of the march (when Timeline will automatically be activated for every Facebook page), we’ll then have a bit more information about the people who are the most active on any Page and the degree of activity.


Readers, how do you plan to use the new data ?


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