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Facebook doesn’t store this data (or at least they don’t provide access to it), so there is no way to know for sure when a Facebook page was created.

Having said this, there a two tricks that you can use to determine a probable creation date. But first :


Why would you want to know when a Page was created ?

When you benchmark your page with your competitor’s one, raw numbers aren’t enough. Let’s say  you have 100,000 fans and your competitor has 500,000. Are you hopeless and your competitor pure genius? Not so fast. You need some context. You have launched your page 6 months ago and it seems your competitor has been around for a very long time. That would explain why it has 5 more times fans than you do.


How can you find out the day a Page was created ?

The first way (the hard one) is to scroll back through all the updates  on the wall to find the very first update. Well, good luck to you if the page is 6 years old and has a publishing rhythm worthy of The New York Times.

The second way will get you to another estimate in just a few seconds. Let’s see how it works.

Let’s suppose you want to find out when the Coca-Cola company created its Facebook page.

1. Go to Coca-Cola’s page.

2. Click on the profile picture (the bottle).


3. Click on the last picture of the profile.


4. Ta-Dam! Look at when the picture was uploaded.

There is a great probability it was the same day that the page was created, that is to say on December 15, 2008.

True, Coca-Cola’s admins may have deleted their very first Facebook profile picture so the page may have been created earlier than December 15.
But I’m pretty sure this is the accurate day of creation.

Why ? Let’s look at the very first comment on this picture.

The day ? January 18, 2009. One month after the picture was uploaded.
If this profile picture was the second or third profile picture ever posted by Coca-Cola, then the brand would already have fans, and thus the first comments would have been posted the same day the picture was published, not one month later!

So we can guess with pretty good confidence that Coca-Cola created the page on December 15, 2008 but opened it publicly only around one month later.

The results with this method seems to be even more accurate than with the first one (scrolling down to the very first update). It took me about 7 minutes to find out the following post, published one full month after the first comment on the profile picture.


Did you find this tip useful ? Please comment and share.

Thanks to Alice/GroupM for some background information.

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