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Why The Current Facebook Engagement Rate Calculation Is Inaccurate

As the social media analytics field is pretty new, it's really important to understand how the metrics are computed. Let's take for example, one of Facebook's core metric : the "Engagement Rate". What is supposed to be measured with the Engagement Rate ? "The Engagement Rate measures how well your Fans interact with your content". That's a common definition. What's that supposed to mean ? If you have a 0.02% Engagement Rate, it means 0.02% of your fans have engaged with your content, isn't it ? Only the formula commonly used does not measure that. Not at all.

The Definitive List Of Facebook Real-Time Insights Metrics

Facebook announced it a few months ago, and now it's live for most of us : Facebook now updates Insights data in real-time. Well almost. The updates are every 15 minutes AND not all the Insights metrics are updated in real-time. To be precise, most aren't. So here is below the full list of the Facebook Insights metrics that are currently available in real-time through the API. Most are also available through Facebook Insights. As you will see, all the metrics updated in real-time are related to the posts of the page, not the page itself (except one). Question is : what are you going to do with these ? In our opinion, except if you're using an external Facebook Analytics solution with dedicated real-time features, they are pretty useless. What's your opinion ?

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