Breaking rumor : Facebook to announce removal of PTAT metric on June 19

Stephane Allard
Co-founder & CEO at Wisemetrics - Stephane is a serial entrepreneur who has been launching internet-related companies since 2001, after a fruitful experience at IBM as web marketing manager. His latest venture was a pioneering social media agency, sold in 2006, which advised Fortune 100 companies.

Word of notice : this is absolutely not confirmed by Facebook, only rumors.

Facebook may announce on June 19 the removal of the People Talking About This (PTAT) metric from their Insights.

It would be replaced with a brand new engagement rate and another engagement metric.
Virality for posts may also be removed.

If rumors prove to be true, we think the transformation of PTAT into an engagement rate would really be a welcomed change. In our opinion, PTAT mixes too many different metrics to be really useful. The industry also clearly lacks an agreement on an engagement rate. 

But we’ll miss the virality for posts if going away.



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