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Looking for inspiration to create engagement on your Facebook page? Look no further! We have compiled 10 examples from different sectors of Facebook post from different brands:

Promote your product, but don’t be boring

And also, take advantage of important dates for your audience. This example, by DERO Romania

Demo Promo - Facebook

Make life even easier with videos

Videos are the key content format for Facebook now (they want to beat Youtube). Do as Yaour Délice Tunisie and create small but useful videos like this one:

Yaour Delice

Use the content created by your own users

Especially if the content is so nice as this one. By Orizon Organic

horizon facebook page example


Be useful, and always have something interesting to say

Smartphone, we love it, but we hate its batery. AVG Technologies has something to say about it

AVG technology  page example

Be very careful with the quality of your content

Facebook is visual, take advantage of that as Lipton does

Lipton Faceboook example

Sometimes people connect better with other people…

…Than with brands. And this is how Asus Portugal has created this serie of videos of a couple in different situations showing how cool Asus is.

Azontoo - Facebook Page

Memes are trendy, use them

But never overuse them.  Azontoo is doing this simple but engaging visuals


Maybe you need to target a different audience

Some companies, like Unilever, are using Facebook for an employer branding goal. Do you want to try it?

Unilever - Facebook pages examples

Take advantage of your important days

Nothing is more relevant for Wilton Cake Decorating than the National Cupcake Day. What are the key dates of your industry?

Wilton Cake Page Facebook

Use the important dates in your profile

Vueling celebrated its 500.000 passengers some time ago and they “celebrated” it on Facebook. Do you have important dates you want to show in your profile?

Vueling Facebook Example

Any other example you want to share with us?

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