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With Facebook making Page owner’s life more and more difficult we wondered if brands had reacted and compensated for loss in reach by increasing their media spent. We decided to dig into our data and analyzed a sample of 20K Facebook pages from all around the world and any category. We came up with a few answers for you: How frequent is it to boost a Facebook post with media budget? Are there differences based on type and sizes of Pages? What’s your competitors’ behavior ?

Facebook paid Ads: to pay or not to pay in Facebook

How many Pages are boosting their publications

First takeway, on average 20% of pages are boosting their posts on a regular basis. We analyzed the monthly percentage of paid impressions over 9 months, and the percentage stayed constant over time.

20% of Facebook Pages are boosting their posts on a regular basis – constant for the past 9 months tweet

Behavior depends on Page’s category

We first ranked pages by category and looked at the proportion of paying pages in each category.  The results are not entirely surprising: consumption related Pages are paying more heavily than art, but still there are large differences between categories, from only 6% of musician’s Pages paying up to 40+% for food&beverage.

How much brands pay in Facebook per sector

Other big spenders are Product /service, Health/Beauty or Clothes. On the contrary only 10% of pages related to magazines, media websites, or famous people such as athletes musicians or actors, rarely pay for traffic.

Facebook Pages’ media spend behavior – it’s not the same for every category: from 6% up to 42% tweet

The bigger you are, the more you pay – almost

After looking at per category behavior, we looked at behavior depending on Page’s size. And here again there are large differences, from only 3% of Pages buying traffic for Pages with less than 1K fans up to 47% of Pages when their size is between 100K and 200K.

Interestingly, the relationship between paying and Page size is not monotonous after a steep increase from 1K fans up to 200K fans, the proportion of paying Pages is diminishing.  This is partially explained by the fact that bigger pages tend to be about famous people or media websites rather than product related brands.

How much brands pay in Facebook by company size

Close to 50% of Facebook Page between 100K-200K fans are boosting their reach on a regular basis tweet



On average 20% of Facebook Pages are paying to promote their posts regularly, however there are large differences with for instance product related brands paying 4 times more than musicians and medias.

If you want to know if your competitors are buying more frequently than you do, do take a look both at your category of Page and size of Page. We designed an algorithm to analyze this more precisely for you and we will make it available for free at http://labs.wisemetrics.com in a few weeks – stay tuned.


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