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Co-founder & Chief Scientist at Wisemetrics : with a background in mathematics & statistics, Benjamin has been crunching data and developing statistical algorithms for 15 years, mostly for e-marketing optimization (Principal Research engineer at Yahoo! labs, and now Wisemetrics)

Ever wondered if your followers are happier than others’, or more conscientious, or crazier than average? Well now you can find out.

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We’ve engineered an algorithm to analyze the psychology of a Twitter Audience in multiple dimensions: Happiness level, Personality traits and Personal Values.

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How this is done

We sample a few thousands of your followers and analyze all of their tweets. The way people behave on social and write messages reveals a lot about them (link, link ).

To associate tweets with psychology, we started off with seed terms coined by psychology researchers, boosted the data with machine learning algorithms and human validation and finally normalized everything to compare audiences between themselves.

The real application for us is to help brand matching the type of emotion, wording they should use to best convey a message to their audience.

A few interesting stats

We ran a study on a sample of 5K accounts: for each account we determined the psychology of its followers.

Baby brands, the happiest audience of all

Among the top 10 happiest brands, we have 3 babies and kids related brands: @Pampers, @Huggies and @ToysRUs. It’s not news that one is happy when he has a baby, but this confirms in some way that it’s the happiest things of all.

We also have a couple of beauty product (@Loccitane & @Avon_UK, @bebe_Stores), interestingly a bleach brand (@Clorox), but they state in their profile that they tweet only funny things.

The most Conscientious audiences goes to… @AdSense, followed by @sapnews.

Comparing Twitter description and followers’ psychology

We then matched keywords form Twitter profiles description and the psychology profile of their audience. Here is the wordcloud representation of words most associated with happiest and most hedonist audiences.

Profile description most associated with happy audience are about jewelry, hotels & wedding. The sad audiences goes to “politics” and “breaking new”, but also “snapshat” and “singer” (it appears the youngest audience tends to be quite sadder).

Happy vs Unhappy Audience

Happiest audience in Twitter

Hedonism is strongly correlated with “justin bieber”, “music”, “instagram” and anti-correlated with “IBM”, “guidelines” , “technology”.


 Hedonist vs non-hedonist Audience  

Hedonist vs non-hedonist Audience

There are clear differences between brands’ Audience psychology profiles and we can find the type of emotions brand’s follower are most receptive to.

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