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During their latest major Insights update, Facebook added the “Friends of Fans” metric. There is quite a lot to be said about it.

In his latest article, Thomas Baekdal said “(Friends of Fans) is completely and utterly useless”. We couldn’t agree more.

Facebook Insights

Thomas explains why you should forget about Friends of Fans with great details, but here is a summary :

Thomas suggests, and we totally endorse this, to focus on the total reach of your page. “This is the number of unique people, at any level, that have seen content from your page. It doesn’t limit itself to only fans or friends of fans, this is how many people you actually reach overall (accounting for EdgeRank).”
Be aware that this metric may include people reached by your Facebook advertisements. So you’d better focus on your Organic reach to measure the true exposure of your content.
After all, what matters is the number of people you’ve reached. They could be fans or not. Who cares ?


PS : For all these reasons, “Friends of Fans” is nowhere to be found in Wise Facebook Analytics.
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